Pizza is one of the most popular and delicious products that is loved and tasted, without exaggeration, anywhere in the world.

A novelty has appeared in our menu - craft pizza, what is it? From english "craft" means skill, craft, art. This term refers to a special method of production - not mass production, but author's. Craft pizza is a new gastronomic experience, exclusive taste and variety of fillings.

Craft pizza is kneaded from finely ground Italian flour Stagioni, and then the dough is kept at a certain temperature for at least 12 hours, this is how long the fermentation process takes, when the future pizza base is saturated with oxygen to become fluffy and airy.

If you evaluate first the appearance of the pizza, and then its taste, then its unusual appearance catches the eye. Lush, air-bubbled sides with a crisp crust, as if from tongues of flame. The pizza is crispy, airy, and has an unusual texture. And there are a lot of toppings - one pizza is enough to satisfy the hunger of two. And even the most spoiled gourmet will choose a pizza to his taste. Rather order, you should definitely try it!

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