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Sushi and rolls with delivery in Kiev

We started working in October 2018. Today Ikur has a circle of regular customers, and we are not going to stop there. Order sushi at home can both Kievans and guests of the capital. How did it happen that in such a short time we expanded the geography of work so much? Everything is simple! Prices in Ikura are 20% lower than in similar companies in Kiev.

Another of our strengths is the desire for continuous development. At the start of our business, we delivered sushi, rolls and pizza. Now we also offer:

  • salads;
  • hot snack;
  • branded burgers;
  • desserts;
  • the drinks.

We made sure that the food you bring is hearty and tasty. We are not going to stop here, we plan to regularly replenish the assortment with new positions.

In the preparation we use only fresh and natural products. We start cooking after order approval, so fresh, tasty dishes always come to you. We have large portions - this is another advantageous difference from competitors.

Goodies for everyone

The most popular group of dishes on our menu is pizza, and we have many types of it prepared. Among them:




"Meat boom"

Mozzarella, ham, hunting sausages, bacon, olives, parsley.


"Two hits"

A combination of parmesan, dorblu, Russian mozzarella cheese, with ham, hunting sausages, bacon, cream sauce, olives.



Bacon, hunting sausages, mozzarella, bell pepper, pickles, parsley, Dijon mustard.



Chicken fillet, hunting sausages, ham, mozzarella, champignons, parsley, oregano.



Bell pepper, chili and cream sauces, hunting sausages, salami.



Smoked chicken breast with bacon, parmesan, mozzarella, special Caesar sauce.



Tomato, mozzarella, olives, champignons, salami and bacon.

Of the pizza varieties listed in the table, the first four are the most popular among our customers.

Japanese cuisine is represented by a wide range of Ikura sushi specialties: with tuna, salmon, eel, chuka seaweed, crab and other delicious ingredients. Sauces - nut, spice and others complement the taste of seafood. We also have a wide selection of rolls: Philadelphia, Unagi Chiz, Yamato. They are sold both separately and in sets designed for a large company.

Most often, we order Philadelphia from the rolls - with salmon, avocado, cream cheese and cucumber, and Philadelphia Light - without avocados. For tuna lovers, the Geisha or Spicy-Tuna options are suitable. Eel lovers will appreciate the variety of rolls - “Golden” and “Green Dragon”, “Unagi Chiz” and others.

For lovers of traditional snacks, we have presented salads: with salmon, veal, smoked chicken, Caesar, Greek. And we also have branded burgers, which have no analogues in the menu of other food delivery services. For example, "Full Dad" is an ideal option to satisfy hunger. It includes toaster cheese, two chicken cutlets, barbecue sauce, lettuce, Crimean onion.

Nice bonuses

Delivery of sushi and rolls from us is accompanied by pleasant surprises. For example, discounts for a birthday or for pickup. We have set a certain order amount, which gives the right to free delivery in Kiev. Also, when buying ready-made food in the amount of 300 UAH. you can get your favorite drink as a gift (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Shveps). You can pay by cash immediately upon receipt or using the terminal.

Free accessories are included with the dishes. Stylish, branded packaging and special thermal bags are used for food delivery. Couriers will need 1–1.5 hours to bring you delicious pizza, rolls, snacks, sushi and other food. Please note: you can make an order either by phone or immediately on the site. The processing speed of the application does not depend on the way it is executed.