Chef recommends

BonAqua (0,5 л) газ
BonAqua (0,5 л) газ 500.00 g


Ramen 405.00 g
Composition: chicken fillet, Chinese cabbage, Hondashi fish broth, soy sauce, egg noodles, pickled chicken egg, green onions, parmesan flatbread


Shawarma with nuggets and french fries
Shawarma with nuggets and french fries 280.00 g
Composition: tortilla, shaurma sauce, lettuce, chicken nuggets, french fries, tomato


Pizza Seven Cheeses
Pizza Seven Cheeses 495.00 g
Composition: Mozzarella, cream cheese, Gouda, Dorblu, Parmesan, feta, cheddar, cream sauce.


Cheesecake "New York"
Cheesecake "New York" 170.00 g
Composition: CHECK AVAILABILITY at the operator Classic Cheesecake on the basis of "Philadelphia" cheese with the lemon zest and vanilla.


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