When you miss the sun, warmth, and exotic dishes, you don't have to buy a ticket to Hawaii, you just need to order poke delivery at the Ikura online restaurant.

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish that has become a gastronomic hit around the world. The specialty of poke is a combination of fresh diced fish, a light side dish (rice or quinoa), fruits, vegetables, and sweet and sour spices and sauces.

Thanks to this balance of components, your diet will be balanced, and the taste will certainly delight the taste buds.

Hawaiian poke and bowls have won the hearts of healthy eating enthusiasts, especially for office workers, who are always looking for healthy and tasty dining options.

Poke is a simple and tasty dish that tastes like sushi and rolls, but looks like a salad and is served in a deep bowl.
In our assortment you will find poke for every taste:

  • Poke Fitness
  • Poke Positive
  • Poke with tofu and quinoa
  • Poke with tuna and quinoa
  • Poke Vegan
  • Poke with shrimps
  • Poke with tuna
  • Chicken poke
  • Poke Philadelphia

Also poke is a vivid association with travel, islands, sea, and rest. We need to create an atmosphere that inspires you to discover something newwe carefully select the ingredients for our dishes to satisfy the most demanding gourmet, and cook with love!



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